DRecords brings 'Sohni Mainu Lagdi Hai’ - a Valentine special by Udit Shandilya

He is all that - soulful, melodious,  creative and a brilliant writer. His voice glides through the notes with ease and enters the heart's directly.

Udit proved his mettle with debut super hit ‘Gudiya Rani’ followed by Gadbadi & Shukr Hai. 

Sohni Mainu Lagdi Hai  is written by Kumud Soni who explains the feeling of a guy when he first starts to encounter his love for the girl.

The song develops on the feel that the girl is also in love with him. The girl drops little hints along the way.

All along,  it's  a simple  sing along love song that the listeners will resonate with.

Watch it on YouTube:
YouTube Link : https://youtu.be/C5L-xvhiExk