TV actors on Pulwama terror attack: Bury those cowards alive!

The 14th of February was a sad day for India. Around 40 CRPF Jawans were killed on Thursday afternoon when a bomb exploded near a convoy of Indian paramilitary personnel in Indian-controlled Kashmir. This is one of the deadliest attacks in the disputed region in recent years. TV actors express their grief on the incident.

Krishna Bharadwaj 

I feel devastated and extremely angry about this loss. How long will we tolerate this bloodshed in the name of countries, terrorism, politics or religions? I guess it's time we need an army rule because I have lost all trust in any of the political parties. People who have been posted for our safety, they themselves are not safe anymore. It's a shame on humanity and I don't have a platform to take out my anger and grief. It's high time somebody does something about it rather than just blaming each other for this kind of loss.

Rehaan Roy 

I feel this is one of the most shameful acts that has ever happened in the history of the country. My heart cries out for the soldiers and their families and at the same time, I wish I could just bury all those cowards alive. I wish and pray for the families that have lost their sons, fathers, husbands, and brothers. They are the real heroes of our nation. 

Kishori Shahane Vij 

Yesterday, while the entire nation was celebrating Valentine's Day, our own Jawans were killed by the terrorists. It was so devastating. Most of the celebrations were called off and people really were heartbroken about this incident because this is one of the most severe attacks that India has faced in latest times. I, myself, am buried in sorrow. We all mourned the loss. Basically, all this is so politicized. The entire world knows that elections are approaching there has to be turmoil politically and that's how it is. But I feel that the nation should unite and should not play the blame game. The best politician has to win for the betterment of our nation.

Saurabh Pandey 

Whenever a soldier is martyred, we cannot even imagine the pain that the soldiers’ loved ones go through. My sincere prayers to those brave soldiers who got martyred and my respect to the family for such a big sacrifice. We owe them a big thanks. Had it not been for our Indian soldiers protecting our line of control, we would have not been living a peaceful life.

Moon Banerrjee

Somewhere and somehow, someone needs to be stopped. We need to make a micro effort to see the difference in the macrocosm.

Ansh Bagri

This is very disturbing, during this time, we hold our loved ones even closer. Our prayers go out to the families and our men in Kashmir. Our anger and betrayal should be constructive, we must strengthen ourselves and strive to make change happen in the government so that these gruesome tragedies stop.

Himanshu Malhotra 

It is definitely very upsetting and it does tend to anger you also. This is such a coward act. Almost 40 of our jawans have lost their lives. It is very unfortunate but the only thing which we can do is offer our blessings, wishes, prayers to the families who have lost their sons, fathers, husbands. That’s the least we can do.

Shivin Narang 

Definitely, it was a black day for everyone.  Even when I got to know about it yesterday, I was in lot of anger. I have no words to express my anger and disappointment. I just hope these things never repeat, not only in India but anywhere in the world. As a human, it’s unacceptable.

Jason Shah 

I think we shouldn't do anything more in anger because the more people get angry, it’s getting worse. Anger is not going to change anything. It’s a very sad thing that something like this happened. It happens because of politics. I think the world needs to show a little more love.

Shweta Rohira

It’s most unfortunate that terrorists are extinguishing humanity in totality. May all these martyrs’ souls’ rest in divine light and may God’s grace be with their families to withstand this affliction

Arjun Bijlani 

It was definitely a black day for everyone. Even when I got to know about it yesterday, I was in a lot of anger with what all happened. We must strengthen ourselves and strive to make change happen. I am sure the Indian army will teach the terrorists a good lesson. A stand has to be taken. Human life is valuable and humans can't be destroyed like this for no fault of theirs.

Ssharad Malhotra

I am extremely angry as well as sad for this loss. My heart cries out for the soldiers who lost their lives. At the same time, I wish I could just bury all those cowards alive. I just hope these things never happen again. Peace and harmony are a basic human need.

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Shashank Vyas 

Given the situation, India has to take a stand too. How can anyone feel safe when one goes to Pakistan or even Kashmir where the tragedy happened. Innocent people are killed and this can't be justified. Life is too short already and everyone has the right to have peace.

Geetanjali Singh 

It is such an unfortunate incident. Definitely, it was a black day for not only soldiers and their families but for the entire country. May all these martyrs’ soul rest in peace and I pray for lots and lots of strength to their families. It was certainly a very sad day for all of us. I cannot even begin to imagine what the families of the deceased soldiers are going through. They risk their lives to protect the nation and we could not protect them. It is a sad day for all of us. I could not believe the news when I heard it. It seems so unreal to even think that human beings can inflict such heinous crimes on other human beings. My heart goes out to the families. May God give them all the support and love that they need at this time.