Love Birds Rehaan And Jasmine spend quality time in Goa

Recently the world got to know about actor Rehaan Roy and his lady love actress Jasmine Roy. The love birds recently went to Goa and had a lovely time with each other. Rehaan says,”Since we don’t live in the same city, it becomes very difficult for us to meet frequently. So whenever we get some quality time we make sure that we can cherish them forever. I always believe that we shall live in present and live your life as if this is the last moment of your life  hence we had the best time ever in Goa.” The four-day visit to Goa was much needed for the couple. This was the first time when they traveled together for a holiday in Goa. 

 What do you like about Goa? You seem to visit Goa again and again?  He explains,”Goa is a combination of calmness and high energy night life . So when I feel like being alone or just to be with her (this time) I like to go to the shacks and chill out looking at the sea and when I feel like partying I go to the best of clubs in Goa and dance my Heart out. Rehaan also met his fans there. Speaking on the incident Rehaan says,”Actually I went to one of the beaches in Goa and there were a local women who were doing some hair braiding and all  of them recognised me as PARV (my character name in Guddan)and called all their other colleagues who were so happy to see me. They so wanted me to do the braiding on my hair and I did it to make all of them happy. Not just them  in whole Goa there were so many people who came up to me and said that they watch Guddan without fail and just want a selfie with me. I truly feel I am blessed that God has given me such a nice show and such a good role.”