Celebrating it's 50 years, NCPA presents Nakshatra Dance Festival 2019

Event: Celebrating it's 50 years, NCPA presents Nakshatra Dance Festival 2019

Date: Friday, 13th September,20196.30 pm at Experimental Theatre
Saturday, 14th September,2019 at 6:30 pm Experimental Theatre
Thursday, 26th September,2019 at 6:30 pmTata Theatre

In its 50th year, National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) presents its 11th edition of Nakshatra Dance Festival 2019. A 3 days festival, it will take place on 13th, 14th & 26th September,2019 at NCPA.  It aims to feature innovative group choreographies by by eminent choreographers such as Ranjana Gauhar and troupe (Odissi), Saswati Sen and troupe (Kathak), C. V. Chandrasekhar & troupe (Bharatanatyam), Rajashree Shirke & troupe (Kathak), Nandini & Sharada Ganesan (Bharatanatyam). 

On the first day of the event – 13th September,2019, the festival will commence with a stellar Odissi performance- Chitrangada by Ranjana Gauhar & Troupe from 6:30 pm onward at Experimental Theatre, NCPA. Followed by which, Sharada & Nandini Ganesan along with their troupe will do a Bharatanatyam performance on Urjaa- a divine energy that exists within each of us. 

On the second day of the festival i.e. on 14th September,2019, there would also be an invocatory Bharatanatyam piece- Panchamabhootam by C. V. Chandrasekhar & troupe. It is a journey into the idea and philosophy of the five primordial elements i.e. Prithvi (Earth), Akasa (Ether/space), Jala (Water), Vayu (Wind) and Agni (Fire). The next presentation-Ravana Mandodari Samvaad, a kathak performance will be presented by the well-known kathak exponent Rajashree Shirke & troupe from 6:30 pm onward at Experimental Theatre. 

On 26th September,2019, the evening will conclude with a final performance with Nazakat – (Journey of Kathak through the silver screen) by Saswati Sen & Troupe presenting Bollywood choreographies of the Kathak Legend Pandit Birju Maharaj from 6:30 pm onwards at Tata Theatre. 

Price- Rs.300/- onwards (For 13th & 14th September)
           Rs.200/- onwards (For 26th September)