Is the glam girl Tanushree Dutta coming back in Bollywood??

Known to be the girl who minces no words while putting forth her opinion, Tanushree surely looks all set to invade the Bollywood film industry. Well why not? If Madhuri Dixit can, why can't this hot Bong beauty? 

Tanushree Dutta seems to be coming back to Bollywood and for good. We have seen a recent set of amazing pictures of Tanushree and I think it would be an educated guess that she is looking to make her mark again in Bollywood and in front of the camera.

Tanushree has had a tumultuous 2018 as she spearheaded the Me too movement which has brought about wholesome changes in working with women. She started it all and then it percolated deeper into a great social impact in India for the betterment of society.  

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If reports are to be believed, she is now going to make a comeback into the film industry as an actor and prove her mettle. This woman has got steely resolve is no secret and I think the country will be rooting for her once she is back.  

She has been an impactful performer in her previous roles and we hope to see Tanushree 2.0 in her new avatar and we can't wait to welcome her back.