The new offering from TIPS "AANKHON KE DARMIYA" weaves MAGIC ALL AROUND

The magic is created by Rishbh Tiwari and the video features Kanikka Kapur & Vibhav Roy

Song Link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVNP9CY52qY

Tips new song “Aankhon Ke Darmiya" by Rishbh Tiwari, featuring Kanikka Kapur & Vibhav Roy is everything magic, romance & poetry. The incredible variety of emotions makes it one of the most breathtaking songs of the year.

Aankhon Ke Darmiya combined with the beauty of monsoon, provides the perfect backdrop for the singer and the music director to weave their magic. The song is filled with so much positivity, that it instantly dispels the gloominess of a bleak rainy day.  

Kumar Taurani says “The track conveys a beautiful story. It is our offering to your monsoon more romantic.  Though music is a very personal choice, we are sure the love for rains songs is universal”

Song Credits:
Singer: Rishbh Tiwari; Music: Rishbh Tiwari; Lyrics: Rishbh Tiwari; Music Arranger: Sushant Trivedi

Video Credits:
Cast: Kanikka Kapur & Vibhav Roy; Director: Dhruv Sachdev; DOP: Prremanand B; Editor: Sumit Baruah & Chithrarth; Color: Chithrarth; Art Direction: Suman S; Costume: Neha Kukreja; Equipment: Zero Begins Films