When we mention Kishore Kumar what comes to mind is the maverick comedian, doing as he pleases but still able to raise the laughs, it wasn’t only what he did but his persona was such that even a silly thing would evoke laughter. Same is the case with this movie which seems to have been made with a mind that it may flop but the reverse happened and it went on to be a hit and he nominated the rights of the movie to his secretary to avoid Income Tax issues.
Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi is one of the few movies to star all the three Ganguly bothers, Ashok, Anoop and Kishore the only other being the rhyming ‘Bhadti ka Naam Dadhi’ (also produced by Kumar, just shows the child within the man). It was a laugh riot with good music and cast. It was during the making of this movie that he fell in love with Madhubala and went on to star with her in some other movies later and also married her in 1960. Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi was released on 1st January 1958. It is said the idea of the movie came from the combination of two things, firstly the rides he used to have with his father when driving down from their home town in Khandwa to visit his elder brother Ashok Kumar a star in Bollywood in the same vintage car also used in the movie as it was close to Kumar’s heart and secondly from the English movies which featured of Marx brothers. More at:
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