Sayali getting back on 'Cycle Track'!

An exemplary figure of flair, fitness ,inspiration and what not for all the youngsters out there!  \


Former beauty queen Sayali Bhagat, after powering through her pregnancy and motherhood is back to the town looking as radiant as ever and lost 10kgs weight post pregnancy!  


A few days back, her pictures with baby Ivankaa were all across the social media sphere. The gorgeous diva who turned first-time-mum is back on the cycle-track in picture-perfect shape!


Talking about her physical transformation, the actor revealed,  "After you have delivered a baby, even going to jogging takes a lot of strength and feels impossible at the start. We all want to see supersonic results, but you have to give your body time to recover and you have to be disciplined.  I did not have a particular body size that I wanted to achieve. My only goal was that I wanted to be fit and flexible again".